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This old fella is here more for sentimental reasons than anything else.    This is a drawing made in 1910 as a frontpiece for a book on machining.    Although I'm getting along, I wasn't personally around at that time, but I like old things - such as Craftsman 109 metal lathes.    You must, too!

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  NEWS UPDATE: February 2014


How To Buy From Home Shop Supply:
STEP 1: Send email to william.hardin@verizon.net; include what you want, lathe model, shipping address, telephone number with best time to call.
STEP 2: Wait for my reply which includes price corrections, shipping estimate, payment instructions, total to pay, (prefer PayPal)
STEP 3: Reply with confirmation and notification of payment.   You will receive emailed confirmation of shipment from carrier.

This limits my activity to a single email and shipping.  Be aware that my illness continues to progress and is noncurable. My very competent typing speed
has been reduced to hunt-and-peck; I will ignore motor skills, memory, patience and communication skills.  I'm doing this at the request of you, my customers,
and will continue as long as possible. I will not seek my replacement this time; one of you is going to have to step up and volunteer.

We are fortunate to now be an affiliate of Online Metals, a great place to buy your metal stock.   Check out their site, and if you do buy metals from them, click on this logo to access their site.   It will help support this web site and keep a place for you to obtain parts and upgrades for your Craftsman 109.   Remember, don't mark it as a Favorite Site....go there from this logo.