Craftsman Model 109.21270

If I have learned nothing else in the last four months, I have learned that no one is going to look at a picture of a 60 year old lathe, check the price at $395, and order it. Home Shop Supply has not sold a single lathe in that manner. A guy will telephone, say "I like the third one down" or something like that, and we will begin an hour talk about the pros and cons of the models, what accessories are necessary, hobbies, kids and grandkids, and eventually reach an agreement on one certain lathe and how soon I can ship it.
So, I am going to save myself a lot of work, tell you the different types of lathes I have, show a few pictures, and ask you to call or email and we'll chat awhile. I'm sure that if you are serious, we will come to a trade, sooner or later.
This is the 109.21270. I have about a dozen of them, in various states of health. Click the "Contact Us" for email, check my phone number on the home page.